What is Contrarium?

Contrarium is about a contrarian perspective. About things that you won't easily ready on mainstream news or social media. The idea is to go against conventional thought and present an original, individual take on current events.

So far I've been focusing on “corona” issues as it is the most impactful recent change in our society, and about the war on Ukraine, but there are other current trends that I've been writing about: the dangers of trans-humanism, social atomization and the changing social relationships in the current age, as well as occasional articles about history, travel, art, film and literature.

Contrarium is also an independent publisher and we are working in several new projects of books, as well as our Geist magazine of art and literature.

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A contrarian perspective. Film, literature, travel and thoughts on recent events.


Writer and filmmaker living in Montreal, Canada, since 2013. Author of "Our Pets and Us: The Evolution of our Relationship" (2019) and director of several award-winning short films.